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Current Legislation

Governor Brown Signs Ridesharing Bill

Governor Jerry Brown (D) on Sept. 17, 2014 signed AB 2293, the ridesharing legislation that recently passed both houses of the legislature by wide margins. According to the Associated Press, the legislation will take effect in July 2015.

The bill provides that in phase 1 of the pickup sequence, after a ridesharing driver turns on the application but before a match has been made with a passenger, the transportation network company (TNC) must provide $50,000/$100,000/$30,000 coverage, with $200,000 in excess coverage. The level of coverage required during this phase had been the key point of contention between legislators and TNCs. 

In phases 2 and 3, after a match has been made and once a passenger has been picked up, $1 million in coverage is required. This remains unaltered from the original language.